Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 52 No. 3 (2015)   Machine Tools
    New Products

    Introduction of Measuring Method Applied to 3D Laser Machining

    Sales Department, Machine Tool Division,
    Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure

    In high-accuracy, high-quality machining with a three-dimensional laser processing machine, focal position adjustment at the machining laser head is a particularly important element. Conventionally, a measurement head separate from a machining laser head has been used to measure the machining surface position, and based on measurement results, focal position adjustment has been made at the machining laser head. This has been a factor requiring more time for measurement, namely, non-machining, than machining, thereby spoiling productivity. For higher productivity, it is necessary to accurately measure the machining surface position needed in focal position adjustment and shorten the focal point positioning time. By taking advantage of the expertise we have cultivated for machine tools, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.'s (MHI) laser processing machines have made it possible to specify the machining surface position at a high speed with high accuracy for positioning the focal point. This paper introduces a measurement head arranged on the same axis as that of the machining laser as a development by MHI for higher productivity, together with technology to shorten the time for the measurement of machining surface position.