Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 59 No. 4 (2022)   Carbon Neutral
    New Products

    Achieving Carbon Neutrality with Large Capacity Electric Compressors for Air-Conditioning Systems of Electric Vehicles

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    Thermal Systems, Ltd.

    Carbon neutrality is a global trend, and the movement towards its achievement is accelerating. The automotive industry is no exception, and the electrification of vehicles, such as hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs), and fuel cell vehicles, has been in progress since the 2000s. Today, it is firmly believed that the market for EVs will grow, and the key to their popularization is to extend their driving range on a single charge. While installing a large-capacity battery is one solution, the heat generation of the battery during rapid charging is a major issue. Therefore, a large-capacity thermal management system that controls the battery at an appropriate temperature is becoming essential. In addition, highly efficient cabin air conditioning is also required. With the above background, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems (MHI Thermal Systems) introduced electric compressors to the market in 2007 for use in air conditioning systems for hybrid electric vehicles. In response to recent new needs such as maintaining a proper battery temperature (cooling) during rapid charging by utilizing the refrigerating cycle for air conditioning and expanding heat pump heating capacity in cold conditions, we have developed a new series of high-efficiency, large-capacity electric compressors. These product technologies are improving the practicality of EVs and promoting their widespread use, which contributes to the automobile industry's efforts to promote carbon neutrality.