Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 58 No. 2 (2021)   Logistics, Thermal & Drive Systems
    Technical Papers

    Development of Diesel Engines for 2.0t to 3.5t and 3.5t to 5.5t Forklift Trucks Complying with EU Stage V Emission Regulations

    Tomohide Yamada,
    Takayuki Yamamoto,
    Mizuki Kanai,
    Sho Nakamura,
    Yasuo Kato,
    Kazuki Nishizawa

    For the development of D04EG engines, which comply with the European Stage V Non-Road Emission Standards (EU Stage V emission regulations), we improved the combustion and developed a newly required DPF (diesel particulate filter) control. In order to produce a DPF control that meets market demands and evaluate the soot accumulation on the DPF, we acquired the actual operation data of multiple engines available in the market and created an evaluation index based thereon. We conducted verification with the created evaluation index and confirmed that reducing soot can significantly lower the frequency of DPF regeneration and that DPF regeneration can be completed during vehicle operation without interrupting work. We also conducted a field test and confirmed that the desired functions were realized with actual vehicles in the market.