Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 57 No. 4 (2020)   Nuclear Power
    Technical Papers

    Completion of 1250 MW-Class Nuclear Turbine Project for Sanmen and Haiyang Nuclear Power Stations in China as World's First AP1000 Reactor


    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. have delivered four of the nuclear turbine power generation facilities for commercial-use, the world's first AP1000 reactors at Sanmen Nuclear Power Station Units 1 and 2 and Haiyang Nuclear Power Station Units 1 and 2 in China. This project consists of equipment supply and technology transfer to a Chinese turbine manufacturer. We designed the steam turbines and heat exchangers and supplied the key equipment for the secondary turbine plant. For the steam turbine, a 54-inch integral shroud blade was adopted as the last blade and advanced technologies were adopted to improve performance, such as eliminating the control stage of the high-pressure turbine and improving the low-pressure exhaust casing. Both plants have had no issues since fuel loading and were able to start commercial operation early after a very short test operation period of 4 to 5 months, so we were highly evaluated for our technological capabilities, performance, quality and reliability from customers.