Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 57 No. 3 (2020)   Machine Tools
    New Products

    GRANMET® Cutting Tool Materials and "MightyShield®" Coating Realize High-speed Gear Processing

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine
    Tool Co., Ltd.

    As one of the few manufacturers that handle both tools and machines for cutting gears, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is the first company in the world to make complete dry cutting of gears using a high-speed steel hob and a pinion cutter possible. This both shortens machining time and extends tool life dramatically. As a result, high-speed dry gear cutting at 200 m/min or faster has become widespread at gear mass-production sites, and mass-production cutting in the high-speed region exceeding 250 m/min has also commenced recently. This paper presents our GRANMET® cutting tool material and MightyShield® coating that enable high-speed gear cutting at low cost.