Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 54 No. 3 (2017)   Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
    Technical Papers

    Development of Large-capacity Indirect Hydrogen-cooled Turbine Generator and Latest Technologies Applied to After Sales Service


    In terms of environmental problems and power generation costs, an increase of the capacity of indirect hydrogen-cooled turbine generators with high efficiency and good maintainability are required. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Co., Ltd. (MHPS) developed High Heat Transmission®, which improves the heat transmission rate of the stator coil insulation by approximately three times higher compared to conventional one produced with existing technology, and the feasibility of a 900 MVA class indirect hydrogen-cooled turbine generator, the basic design of which has been completed by actual equipment verification using a 600 MVA class generator, was confirmed. High Heat Transmission® can be applied not only to new generators, but also to existing generators, and it can be expected to contribute to an increase of output and the resolution of problems with generators experiencing overheating of stator coils. We are also promoting the application of newly developed technologies to the generator service field, such as inspection and monitoring technologies of generators.