Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 53 No. 4 (2016)   New Products & Technologies
    New Products

    Development of Highly-durable Steel Pipe Lining for Seawater

    Kobe Nuclear Energy Business Operation Department,
    Nuclear Energy Systems Division,
    Energy & Environment

    In nuclear power plants in Japan, seawater is used as the cooling water. The inner surface of piping for circulating the seawater to the cooling system of each facility is lined with polymeric materials such as rubber or polyethylene (PE) to prevent corrosion caused by the seawater. In recent years, cases of degradation caused by aging of the lining materials have occurred, such as cavitation erosion in high flow velocity sections including the narrowed portion of valves and orifices, slurry abrasion, and cracking due to the degradation of physical properties, and demand from power companies, which are the users of the equipment, for the development of a lining material with higher durability and reliability, has been increasing. Therefore, we have developed a highly-durable lining material that has higher cavitation erosion resistance and greater cracking resistance than the existing lining materials in cooperation with Ube-Maruzen Polyethylene Co., Ltd., and started applying the developed lining material to nuclear power plants in Japan as a lining material that can withstand harsh environments.