Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review
    Vol. 51 No. 3 (2014)   Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure
    New Products

    Two-phase Activated Sludge System with Doubled Processing Capacity and 80% Reduction of Excess Sludge Production

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    Mechatronics Systems, LTD.
    Business Headquarters
    Environmental Plant Business Department
    Water Treatment Business Section

    Currently, there are many wastewater treatment facilities both in Japan and abroad. More than half of them employ a method called the "activated sludge process" in which biochemical treatment is conducted using microorganisms (hereafter referred to as an activated sludge facility). Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd. (MHI-MS) has developed a "two-phase activated sludge system (hereafter referred to as the two-phase system)" which can be installed by conducting simple modifications of the activated sludge facilities in operation. With this system, as much as an 80% reduction in excess sludge production can be achieved, while the processing capacity can be as much as doubled. Deliveries of this system to major food factories, chemical plants, etc., are increasing steadily (Figure 1). Our product is highly valued because we have received comments from our clients, including "The running costs were substantially cut down," "It is helpful to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR)" and "The processing capacity remained the same even under increased unsteady loading conditions."