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Specifications of "wakamaru"


Type Wheel
Sensors Self position measurement
Infrared ray obstacle detection
Ultrasonic obstacle detection
Collision detection
Autonomous mobility Autonomous obstacle avoidance and movement to map-registered locations in a house
Charging Autonomous movement to the charging station when its power runs down.
Human detection
(Sensor combined processing)
Detection of moving persons
Face detection
Individual recognition Detects facial characteristics and recognizes two owners and eight other persons.
Voice recognition Recognizes series of single words necessary for scenarios and word spotting method.
Speech synthesis Configuration available for reading texts out loud and volume of voice.
Hardware specifications
Equipment configuration Robot main unit
Charging station
Wireless broadband router
Touch panel (option for reception)
Computer (option for reception)
Operating conditions Indoor barrier-free floor (typical house, with floor unevenness no higher than 1 cm)
Room temperature
Under daylight or illumination
Continuous Internet connection
Dimensions Height: 100cm
  Diameter: 45cm
Weight:   Approximately 30kg
Movement Movement method Movement on wheels
Maximum moving speed 1km/hour
Joints Neck 3 degree freedom
Arm 4 degree freedom x 2 arms
Moving part 2 degree freedom wheels
Drive method   DC servo motor
Power source Battery Lithium Ion Battery.
Operates continuously for up to 2 hours
Charging Automatically charged at the charging station
Controller CPU Multi processor configuration
Operating system Linux
Robot control architecture Serial bus connection distributed processing
I/O Sight Omni-direction camera x 1
Front camera x 1
Hearing Directional microphone x 1
Non-directional microphone x 3
Touch/Force sensing Shoulder sensor
Hand sensor
Voice Speaker
Safety Structure Designed for minimum energy consumption and maximum safety.
Complies with the Japanese domestic standards of home appliances
Safety joint structure prevents finger pinching
Interlocking Arm: full axis servo level collision detection (torque monitoring)

Business contact: Machinery & Steel Infrastructure Systems Business & Marketing Department +81-78-672-5270

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