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Who is "wakamaru"?

Implementation of "wakamaru"

"wakamaru" is a robot developed and based on the concept of "The 21st Century Product of Your Dreams," a robot that can live with human beings. "wakamaru" can speak while looking at the face of the person whom he speaks to, shake hands with the person, and carry on natural conversation.
With the collaboration of a number of partner companies in industry circles, "wakamaru" continues to expand its field of activity, for example, being exhibited at events, guiding customers, and making presentations at shops and exhibitions.

Name "wakamaru"
Derivation of name "wakamaru" was so named because the two sensors on the forehead look like the eyebrows of the Heian Era notable Yoshitsune Minamoto, whose name in infancy was "Ushiwakamaru."
Gender Neither set to male nor female.
Height/weight Height: 100 cm. Diameter: 45 cm. , Weight: 30 kg.

Designed by the renowned industrial designer Mr. Toshiyuki Kita.He imagined a growing child. "wakamaru" is a yellow color because this color attracts attention, is invigorating, and has strong connotations with happiness.


All functions of "wakamaru" have been developed to carry on communications with human being. Similar to human communication, "wakamaru" can carry on voice communication at natural distances, and eye to eye. "wakamaru" is designed to live by itself without asking for human assistance. It has its own life cycle and can charge its battery automatically. Its design takes safety into account international standards.


Feb. 4, 2003, when "wakamaru" was introduced publicly for the first time.

Communication Robot 'wakamaru'

Communication Robot "wakamaru"

Background of birth of "wakamaru"

The first inkling of "wakamaru" lies in a company project titled "MHI Frontier 21," started in 2000.
In order to start a new product/project with a 21st century theme, ideas were canvassed from all employees. Then, one of the proposals summarized by the investigation team, mainly consisting of younger employees was, the "Service Robot Project."
MHI has produced robots working at places where human beings cannot safely work, such as the check robots at nuclear power plants and robots working in vacuum conditions.
"wakamaru" was born. A robot that can live with human beings, enriching the quality of life.

Future of "wakamaru"

In 2005, we sold "wakamaru" on a limited basis to ordinary households.
When "wakamaru" was first seen, it raised great expectations from customers because of its life-like appearance, but "wakamaru" was actually poorly equipped to respond to a broad variety of needs, and many modifications had to be made.

We received, on the other hand, evaluations from the employees of those companies that were using wakamaru. They told us that "wakamaru" had its charms and an enticing character and presence. It was considered safe and the robot could be used in the fields of reception , as a guide, and to advertise events.

So, we decided to ask companies to first use "wakamaru," and then develop new functions, and have attempted modifications to increase the charms of "wakamaru" through contact with ordinary customers at events, etc.
By reflecting flexibly the experiences and technologies so obtained, we are ready now to lease "wakamaru," working in tandem with a presentation system to be used at public events.

We will go forward to the future while expanding wakamaru's field of activity so that the robot may become ever more useful and have a chance to re-unite with families in the near future.

"wakamaru" overseas rental service is currently not available.

Self-introduction by "wakamaru"

Derivation of name, features and functions will be explained by "wakamaru" itself.

Business contact: Machinery & Steel Infrastructure Systems Business & Marketing Department +81-78-672-5270

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