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Communication Robot 'wakamaru'

Introduction of "wakamaru"

Who is 'wakamaru'
The communication robot "wakamaru" is explained.
Please be sure to take a look at the self-introduction by "wakamaru"
'wakamaru' Technology
The mechanism by which "wakamaru" speaks to people while looking at their faces and acts autonomously are explained.
Guidance on 'wakamaru' rental
The method and procedures of rental are explained.
"wakamaru" overseas rental service is currently not available.
Q & A about 'wakamaru'
Frequently asked questions are shown in the form of a Q & A.
Those who want to use images should take a look at this.
Let's go and see 'wakamaru'!
You can see "wakamaru" here.
Site Map
This is a site map for "wakamaru".

Latest information on "wakamaru"

Apr. 1, 2010.
Web site has been revamped.

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