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The Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) UH-60J is a rescue helicopter based on the U.S. Army multi-purpose helicopter, the UH-60A "BLACK HAWK". The Marine Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) UH-60J also a rescue helicopter based on the JASDF UH-60J, and the Ground self Defense Force(IGSDF)UH-60JA is a multi-purpose helicopter based on the U.S. Army UH-60L. Those are licensed and manufactured with Sikorsky in the U.S. MHI is the primary contractor for all of the above. UH-60J (JASDF/JMSDF) is equipped with infrared night vision, and weather radar navigation systems for better mobility. The UH-60JA (JGSDF) is a multi-purpose helicopter used for transportation and can be equipped with an infrared reduction regulator, and wire cutter, as options. As of March. 31, 2005, a total of 75 units have been manufactured of the above three models.

Main specifications
Width 16.4m(at rotor spin)
Length 19.8m(at rotor spin)
Height 5.1m
Gross weight 9,000kg(JGSDF)
Engine 1,800shp×2
Max. speed 140 knot
Present Delivery Status;
UH-60JA (For JGSDF) 25 Aircraft
UH-60J (For JMSDF) 19 Aircraft
UH-60J (For JASDF) 31 Aircraft
Total   75 Aircraft
(One aircraft was lost for the accident)


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