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The F-2 is a close support fighter completed with Japan-U.S. cooperation and superior technology, as the model succeeding the F-1. MHI is the primary contractor. As for the wings, with the introduction of an integral structure, using composite material and maximizing the wingspan, there is better maneuvering capability. Also, with the use of various high tech materials and structural technology, we have succeeded in making the wings lighter.
In avionics, the newest technological domestic oriented equipment has been installed, such as integrated electronic warfare system, and an on-board computer.
Also, the Control Configured Vehicle (CCV) and Stealth characteristics are improved, using radio wave absorption materials, and equipping the engine with more thrust to increase capability in take-offs and landings.

October 1995 : The first flight of F-2 prototype aircraft.
March 1996 : The delivery of the first prototype aircraft.
MHI has manufactured 61 aircraft including prototype aircraft by March 2005.

Main specifications
Width 11.1m
Length 15.5m
Height 5.0m
Defence Aircraft & Aeroengine

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