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The MG530 is perfect for contractors wishing to increase their productivity, and give their operators the quality environment needed to get the job done. Tight turns, axle and tandem articulation - the MG530 handles all of these in its stride, reducing site preparation time and ensuring that jobs are completed faster. The MG530 has the power to spread the heaviest load, whether gravel for a new roadbed or clearing out a muddy ditch. The MG530's blade can handle them all - and then some. Power from the 6D22-T turbo-charged diesel engine and excellent traction combine to give you the staying power needed to rip or scarify the toughest surfaces. Of course, the MG530 is equipped with a full line-up of instruments and indicators that keep you abreast of equipment status.

High-tecnology, ruggedized main frame

The strength and stability of the MG530's main frame are the result of the advanced computer-aided design and simulation techniques used during its design, combined with rigorous durability and in-field testing. All backed up, of course, by quality-conscious production.

DPS transmission

The Mitsubishi-developed direct-drive powershift transmission complements the high performance of the model 6D22-T diesel engine. This transmission completely eliminates all clutch operations on the six forward and six reverse gears, letting operators concentrate fully on steering and blade operations.

All around visibility

By locating theMG530's cab right at the front of the main frame, operators have an unobstructed view of the blade and the immediate work-site.
Good visibility improves on-site safety and also enhances productivity, since the equipment can be steered and blade operations controlled in accordance with changing ground conditions. The result is a reduction in the time needed for re-working.

Powerful turbocharged engine

The model 6D22-T direct injection diesel engine with turbocharger has a solid output of 138 kW (185HP)/2,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 858 N·m/1,200 rpm - more than enough for even the toughest jobs. Other features include reduced fuel consumption, and easily changed cartridge-type fuel filters.

Centralized controls

The MG530's controls are arranged in a unique radial pattern that ensures that all levers buttons, pedals and instruments are exactly there the you would expect to find them. Both the control levers and the steering system are designed to be light to operate, yet immediately responsive. Operators will immediately appreciate the ease with which the controls can be engaged.

In-seat bank cut operations

Like the other graders in the "30 series", the MG530 offers in-seat bank cut operations and full blade control using well arranged control levers. And this, together with the MG530's articulated frame gives operators full control over the exact position of the equipment and the blade, without even standing up.

Comfortable vibration-free cab

Rubber packing installed in the cab mountings cuts vibration significantly before it can be trasferred to the operator. A "sealed" engine compartment ensures that the MG530 is considerably quieter than competitors' graders. Together, these features help keep operators alert and, of course, contribute to a healthier working environment and better on-site safety.


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