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July, 2005
DIASYS Netmation, the DCS which apply the latest information technology

Since the first DIASYS Netmation was released in 2000, MHI has shipped its distributed control system (DCS) to over 100 customers. Although developed for use in large thermal electric power plants, the system is flexible enough to allow deployment in a broad range of applications of widely varying sizes such as in wind power plants, gas engines, oil refineries and desulfurization facilities. The features of the DIASYS Netmation system are listed below.

(1)Operator station features
  • A Microsoft Office type interface simplifies the learning process.
  • Operates via customer LAN and modem communications.

(2)Controller (MPS/CPS) features

(3)Maintenance tool features (1/3)
Concurrent engineering
  • Parallel operation is possible
    All maintenance data is stored in the same database that is accessed by all functions. Parallel operation of multiple functions is possible.

(4)Maintenance tool features (2/3)
Complete elimination of ID assignment and management
  • No time-consuming IDs management required
    All maintenance data is stored in a single database that is accessed by all functions Of maintenance tool. This makes possible seamless description of diverse operator station parts in the control logic and does away with the need to connect different functions using IDs.

(5)Maintenance tool features (3/3)
Unified setup procedure
  • Greater user-friendliness through standardization of procedures
    All functions and data can be managed in an Explorer-like environment to display data using a method that best suits the data.
    For example, the maintenance tools allow you to view the loaded logic sheet as controller data and display its hardware configuration in an Explorer like environment or as logic sheet data to enable management of the entire logic sheet.

(6)Designed for remote monitoring
Unified setup procedure
  • The CRT operator station uses a proprietary MHI communications procedure (MHI card communications) to provide the controller only with the required data and only when it is required.
  • Remote monitoring is possible at a bandwidth as low as 32 kbps.

(7)The following shows an example of DIASYS Netmation operation.
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