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Main Components & Other System

Gas Turbine Generator

  • Simple structure and excellent in reliability and maintainability.
  Gas Turbine Generator Diesel Generator
Space Compact Large
Cooling Water Not Required Required
Fuel Light-Oil Light-Oil
Routine Maintainability 1/3 the parts of a DG Complex
Large Scale Overhaul Several times during plant life Periodic Overhaul Required 
Reliability (failure/demand) 10-3based on Japanese experience 10-2
Starting Time 40 sec 10 sec

The gas turbine generators supply electrical power to the essential components of the ECCS, so the safety functions can be maintained during a loss of offsite power.

The gas turbine is a very simple rotary engine with few components. The Safety Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) system consists of a GTG package, a fuel transport system, a starting system and a control/instrumental system. It does not need a water cooling system. The Safety GTG is started with air.

The advanced accumulator allows the gas turbine generator longer time to start with a max 100 seconds. Therefore starting time of gas turbine (40 sec) is acceptable.

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