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2010FY News Release

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2010FY News Release


March 31, 2011
MHI to Establish Dedicated Unit to Comprehensively Oversee Engineering and Installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems In Existing Vessels
March 30, 2011
Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Agree
On Consolidation of Hydroelectric Power Generation System Business
March 30, 2011
MHI to Begin Discussions on Details of Photovoltaic Module Business Tie-up With Auria Solar of Taiwan -- Move Aimed at Boosting Competitiveness in Thin-film PV Modules --
March 29, 2011
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Ties Up With Chen Hsong Group in Large-sized Injection Molding Machines To Aggressively Explore Emerging Markets through Production in China
March 28, 2011
MHI to License Marine Boiler Manufacturing and Marketing To State-owned Jiujiang Haitian Equipment Manufacture of China
March 24, 2011
MHI Develops "MV80" Vertical Machining Center for Long Workpieces, Primarily Targeting Machining Shops Making Parts and Metallic Molds For Aircraft and Power Generation Equipment
March 11, 2011
MHI Develops Plano Type 5-face Machining Center, "MVR-5X," Suitable for Processing of Free-form Curved Surfaces - Adoption of Attachment with 2 Spindles Enables Wider Applications -
March 10, 2011
MHI Receives Order for 14 Centrifugal Chillers from Qatar For "Heart of Doha" Development and Regeneration Project -- Total Cooling Capacity of 29,300 Refrigeration Tons --
March 03, 2011
MHI Receives Order for Macau Light Rapid Transit (MLRT) Phase 1 -- Fully Automated, Driverless Rubber-tired APM System Adopted --
March 01, 2011
MHI Receives Order from NYK for Eco-LNG Carrier, Featuring 15% Enhancement in Fuel Efficiency - First Application of High Thermal Efficiency "UST" Steam Turbine Plant -
February 17, 2011
MCO Licenses Compressor Technology to Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea, To Aggressively Exploit Resources and Energy Field Application -- Possibility of Global Procurement Partnership Also in View --
February 09, 2011
MHI Compressor Technology Licensee in China Begins Marketing
-- Vigorous Sales Activities Targeting First Unit Order in This Spring --
February 03, 2011
Revision of FY2010 Consolidated Financial Results Estimates
February 03, 2011
FY2010 First 9 Month Financial Results Ended December 31, 2010
February 02, 2011
MHI Receives Two Orders from India for Core Components Of Five Supercritical-pressure Boiler/Turbine Sets -- For High-efficiency Coal-fired Power Plants in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh --
February 01, 2011
MBE Delivers 2 "Tuned Mass Damper" Vibration Control Systems For the 634 Meter Tokyo Sky Tree - Safeguarding Antenna Support Tower from Vortex Excitation by Wind -
January 24, 2011
MHI Develops "ZE15B" Gear Grinding Machine Enabling High-speed, High-accuracy Volume Production - Shorter Non-operational Time for Higher Productivity -
January 20, 2011
MHI Develops "ZE40A" Universal Gear Grinding Machine Ideal for Production of Wide Variety of Gears in Small Lots - Accommodates Both Generating and Profile Grinding, also Bias Modification -
January 19, 2011
MHI Receives Gas Turbine and Generator Order from SNC-Lavalin
For Cogeneration Facility at Saudi Aramco’s Wasit Gas Processing Project
January 18, 2011
MHI Receives Order for 3 M501GAC Gas Turbines and 1 Steam Turbine
Along with Long-term Service Agreement
From Virginia Electric and Power Company of the United States
January 17, 2011
MASDAR LAUNCHES ELECTRIC-VEHICLE PILOT Masdar launches an Electric Vehicle pilot in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., to determine the viability of the technology as a transportation solution for Masdar City
January 13, 2011
MHI and Gujarat State of India Sign MOU, Reaching Agreement in the Creation of Smart Community
January 12, 2011
MHI Develops Heat Pump Water Heater For Commercial Use in Ambient Down to -25°C Featuring the World's First CO2 Refrigerant "Scrotary" 2-stage Compressor
January 11, 2011
New Plants of MHI's JVs in India Launch Full-scale Operation, Producing Supercritical-pressure Boilers and Steam Turbines/Generators -- Aggressive Response to High-efficiency Coal-fired Power Generation Needs --


December 27, 2010
MHI and Dominion Reach Agreement To Continue Engineering and Planning Work In Support of Future North Anna 3 Nuclear Plant
December 21, 2010
MHI to License Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Recovery Technology To NFL, State Fertilizer Company in India -- World-class Recovery Capacity of 450 Tons/Day --
December 20, 2010
MHI Announces Shipbuilding Results in 2010
December 17, 2010
Completion of Solar Power Generation System Donated by MHI At DOWACEN, a Japanese Language Teaching Center in Vietnam -- MHI's Initiative to Contribute to Development of Emerging Countries --
December 17, 2010
MHI to Support Manitoba in Establishing Low-carbon Society: MOU Signed on Exploring Renewable Energy Development Opportunities
December 14, 2010
MHI Completes Delivery of Two Replacement Reactor Vessel Heads For Southern California Edison's SONGS Units 2 and 3 -- Enhances MHI Position as Top Japanese Producer of Nuclear Components --
December 03, 2010
MHI Acquires Artemis Intelligent Power, a UK Venture Company,To Secure Unique Hydraulic Power Drive Technology
November 24, 2010
MHI Receives Order for 2 Centrifugal Chillers For District Cooling System to Serve Tokyo Sky Tree Area - World's Top-level Efficiency and Energy Saving to Reduce CO2 Emissions -
November 18, 2010
MHI Completes Construction of Commercial Production Verification Plant For Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries -- Annual Production Capacity of 66 MWh --
November 15, 2010
MHI Begin Installation of J-Series Gas Turbine In Combined-Cycle Power Plant for Verification Testing At Takasago Machinery Works
November 11, 2010
MHI and Sojitz Receive $1 Billion Order from Russian Republic of Tatarstan For Large-scale Urea Fertilizer Plant Construction, Jointly with CNCEC - One of the World's Largest Ammonia/Methanol Concurrent Production Facility -
October 29, 2010
"2Q Financial Results for FY2010" has been updated.
October 25, 2010
Notice Regarding Foreign Exchange Loss
October 25, 2010
Notice Regarding Consolidated Earnings In the First Half of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2011
October 25, 2010
MHI to License MET Turbocharger Manufacturing and Marketing To Doosan Engine of Korea to Establish Collaborative Structure
October 21, 2010
MHI to Market Three New Gasoline Engines: Two Light-weight Models in "TLE Series" and 7.0 PS Model in "GB" Series -- Lineup Meeting All Emission Controls Now Completed --
October 15, 2010
Establishment of "International Nuclear Energy Development of Japan Co., Ltd." - A New Company Promoting Overseas Nuclear Power Projects -
October 15, 2010
MHI to Install Marine Diesel Engine Testing Equipment at Kobe Shipyard, To Meet IMO Tier III NOx Emission Regulations, Targeting 80% Reduction
October 14, 2010
MHI Completes Conceptual Design of "MALS-14000CS": Environmentally Friendly Container Vessel to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 35% -- Important Contribution to Fight against Global Warming --
October 13, 2010
MHI's Commercial Aircraft Component Production Plant in Vietnam To Ship 100th Flap Set for Boeing Next-Generation 737
October 04, 2010
MHI Completes Delivery of 2 Replacement Steam Generators For Southern California Edison's SONGS Unit 3 -- Units Are Among the World's Largest in Size and Weight --


September 30, 2010
MHI Commences Mitsubishi Regional Jet Manufacturing
September 21, 2010
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation Receives Order for FPSO On-board CO2 Gas Compressors for MODEC - Aggressive Compressor Sales for Marine, Environment and Energy Fields -
September 15, 2010
MHI to Provide 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Technology to Chinese Company -- Licensing Expansion Targets China’s Rapidly Growing Market --
September 08, 2010
MHI Receives Order for Two Steam Turbine/Generator Sets For Korea's First 1,000 MW Ultra-Super-Critical-Pressure Power Plants
September 06, 2010
MHI to Establish Subsidiary in Singapore to Strengthen Global Operating Structure of Machinery & Steel Structures Business
August 26, 2010
MHI Develops Hybrid Turbocharger to Generate Electricity Utilizing Exhaust Gas from Marine Engines
August 09, 2010
MHI Acquires Equity in ATLA, an Italian Gas Turbine Maintenance Firm, To Strengthen Power System Operations in Europe
August 05, 2010
MHI Receives FEED Order for CO2 Capture Plant from E.ON UK
August 02, 2010
MHI to Produce Gear Cutting Machines in China, Applying New "Shared Factory" Scheme
July 30, 2010
Notice Regarding Issue of Stock Options for Stock-linked Compensation
July 30, 2010
"1Q Financial Results for FY2010" has been updated
July 22, 2010
World's First Direct Bonding of SiC-Si and GaN-Si at Room Temperature Achieved by MHI Bonding Machine -- Leads Way for New Device Development --
July 21, 2010
MHI to Reorganize Production Structure for Shipbuilding & Ocean Development Business - Shift to High Value-added Products and Respond to Demand Fluctuation - Commercial Vessel Building to be Concentrated at Nagasaki and Shimonoseki Shipyards, with Kobe Shipyard Mainly Dedicated to Submarines
July 12, 2010
Carbon Credit from MHI Wind Power Business in Bulgaria Transferred to Japan
July 06, 2010
Establishment of a new office to prepare for the foundation of the "International Nuclear Energy Development of Japan(tentative name)"
- Establishment by six Japanese companies preceding the new company foundation in autumn 2010 -
July 05, 2010
Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Agree to Discuss
Consolidation of Hydroelectric Power Generation System Business


June 22, 2010
MHI and Hitachi Agree in Principle to Cooperate in
Railway Systems for Overseas Markets
June 15, 2010
MHI Receives Order for 2 Gas Turbines from Dongfang Turbine of China For GTCC Power/Heat Generation Plant of Huaneng Power International
June 08, 2010
ATMEA™ Signs Agreement with ASN, the French Safety Authority, For the Review of Safety Options of ATMEA1™
June 07, 2010
Yichang Marine Diesel Engine of China Completes First Mitsubishi-UE Marine Diesel Engine under License -- Progressive Production Expansion Slated --
June 02, 2010
MHI to Collaborate with IBERDROLA Ingenieria Y Construccion of Spain
In Construction of EU-APWR Nuclear Power Generation Plants
May 27, 2010
MHI to Collaborate with Weir of the UK in Nuclear Power Plant Pumps -- Target Set on Effective Business Development --
May 24, 2010
MHI to Market "ZGA2000" Large-size Gear Grinding Machine: First in Japan Enabling High-speed, High-Precision Machining Of Up to 2 Meter Diameter Workpieces Achieves Significant Idle Time Reduction and Enhanced Operability
May 18, 2010
MHI Receives First Pump Order from BHEL -- For Supercritical-pressure Coal-fired Power Generation Plant of NTPC --
May 13, 2010
MHI to Market "GEA1200", First Model in New "GEA Series": High-efficiency, High-precision Gear Hobbing Machines Enabling Machining of Over 1 Meter Diameter Large-size Gears
May 12, 2010
MHI and COMEX NUCLEAIRE Consortium Receives Order from EDF For Three Replacement Steam Generators For Nuclear Power Plant in France
May 11, 2010
MHI Receives Order for 3 Supercritical-Pressure Boiler/Steam Turbine Sets From Maharashtra State Power Generation of India, Jointly with L&T
May 07, 2010
Dominion Virginia Power Selects Mitsubishi's US-APWR Reactor Design for Possible Expansion at North Anna Nuclear Plant -- Third US-APWR Unit Selected in U.S. Market --
May 06, 2010
MHI Establishes Subsidiary to Oversee Air-conditioning Business in China
-- Launch of "K" Brand and "K Point" Sales Network for Chinese Market --
April 28, 2010
2010 Medium - Term Business Plan has been posted.
April 28, 2010
"Financial Results" for FY2009 has been updated.
April 20, 2010
MHI Completes Development of LNG-FPSO Approval for 2 Tank Types Already Received From Major International Ship Classification Societies
April 15, 2010
MHI to Collaborate with Reykjavik Energy of Iceland In Developing Geothermal Energy Opportunities Worldwide -- Executives of Two Companies Sign MOU in Tokyo --
April 14, 2010
Project to Expand Paiton Power Station in Indonesia to Reach Full Stride, Boosted by Signing of International Project Financing Loan Agreement
April 13, 2010
MHI Licenses Crane and Heavy-duty Material Handling Equipment Technology to Anupam Industries of India -- JV and Expansion to Asia and Middle East Markets Also in Sights --
April 08, 2010
MHI's Room-Temperature Bonding Machine for 8-inch Wafers Begins Operation at MEMS Manufacturer in Japan -- User Support Program "MBSP" Launched --
April 07, 2010
MHI to Build Wind Turbine Manufacturing Plant in Arkansas, USA -- Production Slated to Begin in Second Half of 2011 --
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