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2007FY News Release

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2007FY News Release


March 31, 2008
MHI to Strengthen Small Turbo Production Capacity to 6.9 Million/Year
By Fiscal 2011 through Tripolar Global Structure
Enabling Swift Customer Response Worldwide
March 28, 2008
MHI Officially Launches Mitsubishi Regional Jet Program
-- Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. to Conduct MRJ Business Operations --
March 26, 2008
MHI, Caterpillar and Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi
Agree on Changes in Shareholding Ratio of Japanese Joint Venture
March 18, 2008
MHI to Introduce 3 New “DIAMOND V Series” Models
Of Sheet-fed Offset Presses
-- Exhibition and Demonstration at “drupa 2008” --
March 17, 2008
MHI's EU-APWR Technical Seminar for the EUR Utilities
March 03, 2008
Application for MHI US-APWR Design Certification Accepted for Docketing by U.S. NRC
February 20, 2008
MHI to Begin Full-scale Operation of Japan's Largest Goliath Crane with 1,200-ton Hoisting Capacity at Koyagi Plant of Nagasaki Shipyard
-- Part of Initiative to Strengthen Shipbuilding Competitiveness --
February 15, 2008
MHI to Transfer Pulp & Paper Machinery Business to Metso Paper In Move to Concentrate Business Resources into Focused Areas
February 14, 2008
MHI Selects 5 Partner Suppliers to Provide Major Systems for MRJ -- A Significant Step toward the Realization of MRJ Program Launch --
February 12, 2008
MHI Joins International Aviation Industry Associations: ERA, RAA and IATA Strategic Partnerships Programme Ahead of MRJ Launch Decision This Spring
February 05, 2008
MHI to Establish Manufacturing and Sales JV for Wind Turbine Gearboxes With Ishibashi Manufacturing -- New Plant to be launched for Production in 2010 --
February 04, 2008
MHI Receives Full-turnkey Order for 3 Natural Gas-fired GTCC Power Generation Systems from Nuon of the Netherlands
January 31, 2008
MHI Receives Order for Two Steam Turbine Generators for Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant in China -- Contract Signed at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing --
January 30, 2008
MHI to Strengthen its Indian Subsidiary to Three-base Structure to Respond to Increasing Business Opportunities for Large-scale Social Infrastructure Projects
January 29, 2008
New President for MHI
January 23, 2008
MHI to Ship First Aft Fuselage Panel for Boeing 777 Freighter
January 22, 2008
MHI to Begin Full-scale Production and Marketing of Advanced Cancer Radiotherapy Machine Following Approval by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
January 16, 2008
MHI Receives Order for Up to Six Gas Turbines and Long-term Services from Georgia Power of the United States
January 07, 2008
MHI Submits US-APWR Design Certification Application to U.S. NRC



September 28, 2007
MHI Receives Order for Two Steam Turbine Generators For Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant in China
-- Contract Signed at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
September 27, 2007
MHI to Collaborate with Renova Group and ZAO Ural Turbine Works Of Russia in Gas and Steam Turbine Businesses
September 18, 2007
MHI Awarded Large-scale Polyethylene Plant Contract For ExxonMobil Chemical's New Petrochemical Complex in Singapore
September 14, 2007
MHI Receives M701F Gas Turbine Orders From Egyptian Power Producers
-- Two Units Each for Power Stations of WDEPC and MDEPC --
September 03, 2007
New Joint Venture Aimed at Launching Advanced Generation 3 Reactor
August 28, 2007
MHI Receives Order for Geothermal Power Plant in Kenya
-- Set to Become CDM Project --
August 09, 2007
MHI Completes New Plant Dedicated to Gear-cutting Tool Production At MHI-IPT, Indian Subsidiary
-- Production Capacity Doubled, Aiming at 50% Local Market Share in FY2008 --
August 07, 2007
MHI Receives First Order For Blast-Furnace-Gas Fired GTCC Power Plant for Hungary
July 31, 2007
Notice Regarding Issue of Stock Options for Stock-linked Compensation
July 30, 2007
MHI Receives Order for Steam-turbine Power Generation Systems For Cairo West Power Station of CEPC, Egypt
July 26, 2007
MHI to Establish Small-size Diesel Engine Manufacturing JV In India with VTTL
July 24, 2007
MHI Receives Order for Repowering Project from PT. PLN (Persero) To Convert Aged Power Plant from Oil-fired to GTCC
July 20, 2007
MHI Set to Launch New Sheet-fed Offset Press: "DIAMOND V3000"
Targeting Greatly Enhanced Net Productivity and Operability
July 12, 2007
MHI Marks Production of 200,000 Truck Refrigeration Units
-- Lineup Completed to Accommodate Light Vehicles to Trailers --
July 10, 2007
AREVA and MHI Sign Memorandum of Understanding On the Establishment of a Joint Venture for Their New Reactor


June 25, 2007
MHI Establishes A New Company for FBR Development
June 22, 2007
MHI, AREVA and US Partners Propose Plan
For U.S. Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
June 20, 2007
MHI to Establish "Global Nuclear Business & Operation Department"
-- Move Targeted at Accelerating Strategic Engagement In Expanding Global Nuclear Power Generation Market --
June 11, 2007
MHI to Exhibit Mock-up of MRJ Cabin at Paris Air Show
-- Next-generation Regional Jet Offering Top Economy and Comfort --
May 31, 2007
MHI to License Production Technology of Pumps
For Thermal Power Plants
To BHEL, India's Largest Heavy Electrical Machinery Manufacturer
May 30, 2007
MHI Receives Massive Wind Turbine Orders from U.S.,
Almost Equal to Japan's Domestic Wind Power Generation Capacity
May 29, 2007
MHI License Production and Sales of Large-size Gas Turbines
To Doosan of Korea
May 28, 2007
MHI to License 1 MW Wind Turbine Technology to China,
Entering into Chinese Market for Wind Power Generation Systems
May 21, 2007
MHI Receives Order for Large-scale FGD System from Spain
- Move by Electricity Provider Aims to Meet New EU Standards -
May 14, 2007
MHI Ships First Composite-Material Wing Box for the Boeing 787
May 14, 2007
MHI to Enhance Production Structure at Takasago Machinery Works
To Increase Production of Nuclear Power Generation Application Turbines And G-type Gas-fired Turbines
April 26, 2007
MHI Receives Order for 700,000 ERP In-vehicle Units
-- 7-Year Supply Contract with Land Transport Authority of Singapore --
April 25, 2007
MHI Receives Order for 9 High-Performance Centrifugal Chillers
From Hynix Semiconductor of Korea, Marking 19 Units in Total
April 24, 2007
MHI and Arianespace to Jointly Offer Satellite Launch Services
- Further Development of Previous "Back-up" Launch Alliance -
April 18, 2007
MHI to Actively Engage in Fast Breeder Reactor Business
-- Selected as Core Company in FBR Development --
April 17, 2007
MHI establishing Supercritical Pressure Boiler Manufacturing JV
In India with Larsen & Toubro, A major Engineering & Construction Firm
April 13, 2007
MHI Receives Successive GTCC Orders
From Korea Western Power and Korea District Heating
April 11, 2007
AREVA and MHI Confirm Fast Progress of Their Alliance
- New Reactor Design on Track -
April 10, 2007
MHI to Triple Wind Turbine Production Capacity to 1,200MW/Year
April 05, 2007
MHI Receives Order for GTCC Power Generation System for Australia
- Country's Sixth Gas Turbine Unit, For Installation in Tasmania -
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