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Transportation Zone

Photo: Transportation Zone

Harnessing technology to create pleasant, eco-friendly cities, "Pittari Community"

The Transportation Zone introduces visitors to the society of "Smart Community," in which many of the aspects of our local communities will have reached the ideal state.
The "Pittari City" diorama shows how cities will work. The electric-powered "Drive the Pittari Tram!" experience meanwhile lets visitors have a go at driving an environmentally friendly form of transport.

Discover the Pittari City!

Photo: Discover the Pittari City!
Discover the Pittari City!
Mayor Pittarini explains how the social systems in the "Pittari City" work, the roles they perform and how they are structured. Learning becomes like a game as visitors watch images projected onto this large-scale diorama.

Drive the Pittari Tram!

Photo: Drive the Pittari Tram!
Drive the Pittari Tram!
The "Drive the Pittari Tram!" experience puts visitors in the driving seat of the Pittari City's electric-powered form of public transport and lets them enjoy driving around Pittari City via a simulation game.
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