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Aerospace Zone

Photo: Aerospace Zone

Aiming for heights beyond the skies we used to dream of.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), the first passenger jet to be manufactured in Japan, has made its maiden flight. The nose, frontal section, main wing (partial) and engine components of the jet have been recreated to actual scale. Inspired by dreams to reach the skies, various technologies have been created through the development of aircraft and rockets. These technologies are introduced with an emphasis on ease of understanding through explanations of the mechanisms involved and historical descriptions using hands-on displays and other installations.

Full-scale mockup of the MRJ

Photo: MRJ Development Project
The exterior and interior of nose and frontal sections of the MRJ are presented here. Visitors can experience the feel of sitting in actual seats used in the jet and try out an MRJ flight simulation inside a cockpit.
Visitors can also experience a powerful full-scale display of a new jet engine.

Frontier Theater

Photo: Chamber Theater
The future of aerospace development technologies is explained with the use of dynamic visuals.

Rocket Engine Factory

Photo: Rocket Engine Factory
An actual LE-7A engine, used in the H-IIA and H-IIB rockets, and the predecessor LE-7 engine, are both on display. Visitors can identify the evolution of engine technologies by comparing the two engines.
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