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Ocean Zone

Photo: Ocean Zone

Let's Go to the Deep-sea World!

The ocean has enormous potential for resource and energy development. Ocean development is a key issue for an island country like Japan.
Exhibits introduce the latest technologies, surveys and research via simulators, touch screens and other features such as Full-size Disassembled Mockup of SHINKAI 6500, a manned submersible research vessel.

SHINKAI 6500 Full-size Disassembled Mockup

Photo: SHINKAI 6500 Full-size Disassembled Mockup
The SHINKAI 6500 is one of the world's most advanced deep sea submersible research vessels. It can dive to a depth of 6,500 meters, which means that almost 98% of the world's ocean floors can now be studied. This Full-size Disassembled Mockup will incorporate reproductions of both the outside and inside of the vessel. The vessel's manipulator, pressure-resistant shell, buoyancy materials, and other equipment and components will be introduced in detail using actual items, scale models and video presentations. Visitors will have a close-up look into the cockpit protected by its spherical pressure-resistant shell.


Visitors can get on board a futuristic deep-sea research vessel and take on the challenge of the deepest seas.

Let's Make a Sea Mechanimal!/Shinkai Theater

Photo: Let's Make a Sea Mechanimal!/Shinkai Theater
“Let's Make a Sea Mechanimal!” enables visitors to create their own Sea Mechanimals, which are then displayed on a screen.
The same screen will also shows “Shinkai Theater”. It will introduce the whole process from when the SHINKAI 6500 dives underwater to when it resurfaces again.

CHIKYU – Deep Sea Drilling Vessel

Photo: CHIKYU - Deep Sea Drilling Vessel
Using the latest in deep see drilling technology, the CHIKYU project continues to probe the deep interior of the earth. This exhibit introduces details such as its drilling mechanisms and the interior of the vessel.
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