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The Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum enables visitors to see the latest technologies through impressive exhibits of actual machines and large-scale models divided into Aerospace, Ocean, Transportation, and Environment / Energy. Please take your time to experience how modern technology supports our daily lives.

Space Zone
Aerospace exploration is making remarkable strides. Actual rocket engines and interactive exhibits enable visitors to experience Japan's cutting-edge technology.
Ocean Zone
The ocean has enormous potential for resource and energy development. Exhibits in this zone introduce the latest technologies, surveys and research.
Transportation Zone
This zone introduces the user- and environmentally friendly "Smart Community" via simulators and dioramas.
Environment / Energy Zone
Learn about different ways of generating power through images, actual equipment and model displays, based on the theme of energy diversity.
Science Plaza
This is a new science experience space with a relaxing atmosphere similar to a book café, where you can enjoy science shows and making things.
Hands-on Corner
In this corner you can perform experiments to enjoy the principles of science.
Tomorrow Screen
This digital interactive experience turns your silhouette into a vehicle of the future.
Kid's Ground
Use your whole body to experience the fun of making things.
Eligible Ages: 3 to 5 years
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