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Space Project (paid program)

Photo: Space Project

Lunar Resource Mining Vessel Development Project

This is a program set in the future on the surface of the moon, where you can take on the challenge of developing a lunar resource mining vessel.
Participants can create this on the screen.

  • Everyone can try this program.(Recommended for 4th graders and over)
  • Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis on the day and will be closed when the maximum enrollment is reached.
  • An experience charge must be paid at the 2nd floor reception.
  • To show they took part, participants get to take home a miniature Dodekatron output with a 3D printer.

Mission Lab (500 yen)

Photo: Mission Lab

Using the GA-BAN future design item, participants work together to design the Dodekatron Lunar Resource Mining Vessel.
After the design stage, pilot the completed Dodekatron to mine resources from the moon!

Custom Lab (500 yen)

Photo: Custom Lab

This is a tablet-based customization area for the Dodekatron Lunar Resource Mining Vessel.
Here, participants can freely change the parts and color of the vessel to create an original design for the Dodekatron.
And you can take home your own design Dodekatron's drawing.

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