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MHI is working to alleviate the increasing environmental burdens across the globe by providing environmentally friendly products and technologies in diverse fields as well as by deploying environmental preservation activities throughout the product lifecycle, from development and design to procurement of raw materials, production, on-site installation and final disposal.

Basic Policy and Guidelines on Environmental Matters

An introduction to the MHI Group Basic Policy and Action Guidelines on Environmental Matters

MHI Environmental Vision 2030

Introducing MHI Environmental Vision 2030

CSR Report 2013

Environmental Management

This section contains information on MHI's environmental management system compositional and operational status and efforts regarding biodiversity preservation and environmental risk management.

Targets and Progress

Medium- to long-term environmental targets with deadlines in fiscal 2010 and their results, along with fiscal 2011 and 2012 targets are presented.

Material Balance

A report on the status of resource and energy input and the output of environmental burden for fiscal 2011.

Environmental Accounting

A report on the aggregated results of environmental accounting in fiscal 2011.

Countermeasures against Global Warming

Countermeasures against Global Warming are reported.

Resource Conservation, Waste Management and Water Resources

This section describes strategies and initiatives for minimizing consumption of water and other resources and reducing waste output.

Management of Chemical Substances

Efforts relating to the Management of Chemical Substances are reported.

Products and Technologies that Reduce Environmental Impact

Product and technology development efforts that contribute to society's environmental load reduction are reported.

Site Data

Includes quantitative data on measures to combat global warming and conserve resources

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